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Vex 3


Play Vex 3. Complete all levels in this platform game with a unique twist.
Race a stick person through a deadly obstacle course filled with traps such as spikes, pits, buzzsaws, and more. You can jump, run, slide and bounce off of objects to avoid certain death as you guide your character to the goal. To help make things easier, there are checkpoint flags that you can get during each level that will save your progress and allow you to restart there if you die.
Stages are divided into Acts and each Act is accessed through an overworld area that plays the same as the actual game. All of your statistics for each Act are recorded in this overworld and include things like your score (bronze, silver, or gold), completion time, trophies, and stars.

How to play:

Guide your character through each obstacle course performing actions such as jumps, slides, and wall jumps. You can also interact with certain objects such as pushing blocks, bounding off platforms, and sliding on ziplines. Reach the goal of each stage to progress to unlock the next stage on the overworld.


Mouse/Keyboard: The WASD keys are used for movement while the mouse is used to look around. A and D move your character left or right, while the W key is used to jump. Pressing W and A or W and D can be used to wall jump and grab ledges. Pressing A and S or D and S can be used to slide through narrow spaces. There are special controls for ziplines, swimming, pushing objects, and more which are explained in the game.
Mobile: On the left side of the screen is a D-Pad for moving left and right. On the right side of the screen are a jump button and a crouch button. You can combine button inputs for special actions such as jumping and the D-pad to climb walls or use zip lines or use the D-pad and crouch button to slide.

Release Date:

April 2017

About the Creator:

Vex 3 is created by Agame. Agame is one of the leading online game developers, they are the creators of some of the best games online. They have also created the following games: Dream Pet Link, 1001 Arabian Nights, Bubble Hit 2, Tiles Of The Unexpected, Fireboy and Watergirl 5 Elements, Snail Bob 4, Sea Bubble Pirates 3, Vex 4,

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Play Vex 3. Complete all levels in this platform game with a unique twist.
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