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Traffic Jam 3D

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Traffic Jam 3D is a short and easy game where you'll need to help the little farmer. The roads are jammed, so you must drive around them, collecting coins and avoiding crashes. With proper driving, you'll be able to make money and save the day!

How to Play

To play Traffic Jam 3D, you must use your keyboard arrow keys or WASD keys. The keys are controlled by your left hand, while the mouse is controlled by your right hand.

Game Controls: Arrow Keys or W, A, S, and D.

Game Modes

There are three modes in Traffic Jam 3D. The first mode is a campaign where you reach level 20 and aim to achieve a high score. The second mode is the endless mode, where you aim to achieve the highest score possible and last for as long as you can without being destroyed by the cars roaming around. The third mode is multiplayer, where you can play with friends and compare your high scores.


In Traffic Jam 3D, you can choose from 4 characters, and your car has different upgrades depending on the character chosen. There are also special upgrades that you can use to help you get a higher score or get more coins and move faster. Lastly, traffic jam 3D has a music feature where you can play music on your device.

Game review

The controls are straightforward to understand. It's incredible how you can keep your hand on the keyboard while moving the mouse with your other to steer.

The graphics in Traffic Jam 3D is very detailed, especially when it comes down to the vehicles. They look real and vibrant.