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Pop Balloon


Pop Balloon is fun bubble, casual shooter by BTop Games. In bubble shooter games, a player must remove all bubbles from the play field before the timer runs out or some obstacle blocks their way. The player must usually have a rudimentary understanding of physics, geometry and trigonometry to fire projectiles at optimal angles to pop the most bubbles at one time.

In Pop Balloon, a player must remove balloons of many different sizes from the game play field rather than bubbles of the same size. The projectile isn't a special bubble, arrow or bullet. Instead, a player must use a black, three-point spinning, sharp projectile similar to a Japanese shuriken.

The player receives coins every time they win a level to unlock additional levels. The game displays the total on a green bar at the top right corner of the screen. The player can also win coins by playing a mini game on the Victory screen after each level and watching ads. They can access these options and all available levels in the Shop by tapping the house button.

It's important to note that the game makes sounds that might annoy some players, including bubble-popping ones when the player touches the screen; slicing and money exchange ones when the projectile hits balloons, boing sounds when the projectile bounces against surfaces; and celebratory sounds when the player clears a level. To turn off the noise, tap the silver gear at the top left corner of the screen.

How to play:

The player doesn't need to align three or more balloons of the same color to clear them from the play field screen. Instead, find the most optimal angle to align the projectile and shoot it like a slingshot. Remove all balloons to finish the level. Collect as many coins as possible.


Mouse: To control the projectile, click on it and hold down the mouse button. Move the mouse around to display a black dashed line and align it with the balloons or nearby surfaces. Let go of the mouse button to release the projectile.

Mobile: Touch the projectile, slide a finger or stylus around the screen to align the shot and then pull away.

Release Date:

July 2022

About the Creator:

Pop Balloon is created by Btop. Btop creates funny casual games they specialize in physics based games. They have also created the following games: Knife Jump, Bomb Balls 3D,

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Play Pop Balloon. In Pop Balloon, a player must remove balloons of many different sizes from the game play field rather than bubbles of the same size.
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