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MC Escher Game


The MC Escher Game is a grey-shaded point-and-click puzzle game with only three levels. One might really consider this more of an unfinished game, or even a game development demo for the Unity Engine. It is a very short game that can be completed in a few minutes. The levels are well-made, and sound should be turned up to experience the full artistry. The puzzles have a modicum of difficulty, and some can be frustrating to find the solution.

How to Play

Players navigate their character, which looks like 'Snoopy' but is a large-eyed bird man, through a series of puzzles. Simply click on where the character should go, and it follows a path if one is available. Make sure to place the character very close to the doors to activate the exit sequence. When interacting with the one NPC in the game, there appears to be an unintended feature. Once the NPC begins speaking, players can repeatedly press �E� to see the effects. Warning, attempting this may cause the game to be unplayable, simply refresh to relaunch the game.


Use the mouse to select the location to move to and left-click to move the character to the destination.
Press �E� to interact with objects and NPCs.

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Play the MC Escher Game. The MC Escher Game is a grey-shaded point-and-click puzzle game with multiple levels.
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