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Laser Cannon Levels Pack


Laser Cannon Levels Pack has players killing zingy and outrageous monsters. They take the laser cannon and target the monsters in unique ways. For example, people might shoot a chain that drops a chunk of dirt on the monster. Players might shoot a robot that will shoot bombs out of the cannon. This game was especially made for children. After players eliminate all monsters from the level, they can move on to the next one. Gamers will want to think carefully about some shots because if they miss a shot on a critical point, they may need to start the level all over again. The game has an amusing arcade style to it reminiscent of the old Sega Genesis games, and throughout the game, players will need to solve challenging brainteasers.

Throughout the game, gamers have the chance to upgrade their laser cannon. For example, at one point, you will go from shooting lasers over to shooting bombs. Figuring out the most effective way to kill monsters is what this game is all about. Throughout the game, some of the things that players can expect to do include blowing up bombs, breaking chains, smashing walls, reflecting lasers and spreading toxic liquids. Gamers will learn the most effective ways to take out the monsters in each level. With each passing level, players get better at the game and learn new and effective ways to play. This is a casual shooting adventure game with an interesting number of dynamics.

How to play:

The way that gamers will play the game is by shooting at the interactive environment to kill the monsters. For example, players might shoot at chains to break them or smash walls to make a monster vulnerable. It's simple and straightforward to play.


The controls are fairly straightforward. You move the mouse to aim the laser cannon, and you click the mouse to shoot. A, w, s or d will move the laser cannon up or don't. It's important to note that you can only move the laser cannon on specific levels. Jump to top

Release Date:

About the Creator:

Laser Cannon Levels Pack is created by Agame. Agame is one of the leading online game developers, they are the creators of some of the best games online. They have also created the following games: Dream Pet Link, 1001 Arabian Nights, Bubble Hit 2, Tiles Of The Unexpected, Fireboy and Watergirl 5 Elements, Snail Bob 4, Sea Bubble Pirates 3, Vex 4,

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Play Laser Cannon Levels pack. Laser Cannon Levels Pack has players killing zingy and outrageous monsters. They take the laser cannon and target the monsters in unique ways
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