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Impulse Ball 2


Impusle Ball is a ball-tossing, time-limited game in which your goal is to throw the ball as high and far as you can while avoiding obstacles like boulders and electricity. You can also create a custom level with obstacles of your own. This website has both online and offline play and it really taps into the scientific side of things by teaching about gravity, rotational momentum, and how to use inertia to change speed quickly.

How to play:

At the start of the game, you will be shown instructions on how to play. It is important that you understand the instructions before playing, because if you make mistakes during gameplay, you have to start all over again. The first time I played, I was running around in circles trying to figure out what I was supposed to do for about five minutes- it's a lot more difficult than it looks.

All you have to do is choose a character, and then move him around to pick up the blue ball. The goal is to roll the ball up onto the conveyor belt, which will take you to a new level where you repeat your process. You start at the bottom of the mountain and work your way up to its peak. Each level has different obstacles and conditions, so it's unlikely that you will be able to make it all the way up in one go. There are different ways to get the ball onto the conveyor belt. You can throw the ball to make it go higher, but there is a limited amount of "hits" that you can use before your character gets in trouble with his mother. Another way to throw the ball further is by tapping your character when he bounces on top of it. When you tap him, he will start spinning around, and if you tap him again, he will stop and shoot forward with great velocity.

When you throw the ball up, it will fall back down, and if you tap your character while he's spinning, he will jump up and grab it. After grabbing the ball, try not to throw it too hard or you might hit the boulders that are flying around. If you hit one of these rocks, you will lose a life. Some boulders have a funny blue face on them; these are electric rocks and if they touch your character's head, he will get shocked and lose a life as well.


There are three ways to play this game: keyboard, mouse, and touch-screen. The game is played with the arrow keys on your keyboard, which move your character around the level. You can also move the mouse around to change the direction that your character faces, or you can touch the screen to control your character. When playing on your computer, you can use either keyboard and mouse or touch-screen control.

You are able to play this game at any time of day, and it will still be fun no matter when you choose to play. Whenever I'm bored, I can open up this game and play it and it is always fun and interesting. Overall, this game is a lot of fun, because there are different obstacles at different levels that keep the experience fresh. It's also very educational because you need to be using your surroundings in every way possible to best use them to make your character go higher.

Release Date:

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Play Impulse Ball 2. Your goal is to throw the ball as high and far as you can while avoiding obstacles like boulders and electricity. You can also create a custom level with obstacles of your own.
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