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Home Pipe Water Puzzle


Home Pipe Water Puzzle is a game where you complete minigames that require strategic logical thinking. Each "day" in the game consists of three different puzzles with three rounds each. These puzzles can be any of the following:

Connecting pipes to provide water
Digging a path in the ground to give slime to a mutant
Remove pins to rob a bank via the pipes
Rotating pipes to fill up a minecart with treasure
Using flame retardant/soapy water to put out fires and wash clothes

In some cases, an alternate source such as sewage or gasoline is included in the minigame. Naturally using these sources instead of the right one will lead to a loss and you'll have to do the round over again.

You can obtain gold coins and skins while playing but must watch a video to claim them. This applies to rewards offered by the bonus spin as well.

Golden keys will be collected as you play, giving you another bonus round where you open three treasure chests. You will need to watch a video to claim your prizes in this case as well.

How to play:

On the start screen you will see the number of keys you have collected, the character you're playing as, your sidekick, which day you're on, and the three mini-games you'll be playing for that day. There is a button to change the appearance of your character and sidekick with the skins you've unlocked and a button to open the wheel spin bonus round. There is also a button in the top left corner to mute the music if you'd like. Clicking in the center of the screen will start the game.


Mouse: Rotating pipes and removing pins can be done with a single click. Connecting pipes and digging can be done by holding down the left click button and dragging your mouse.
Mobile: Tap pins and pipes to remove or rotate them respectively. Tap and drag to move pipes and dig dirt.

Release Date:

About the Creator:

Home Pipe Water Puzzle is created by Puzzlegame.com. Puzzlegame.com creates puzzle games. They have also created the following games: One Line Draw,

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