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Find The Candy

Puzzle Hidden Object

Wanted 5 Games B.V. are the kings of HTML titles, and they are back with a new game called Find the Candy. Gaming enthusiasts will enjoy this kid and family-friendly game since it is entertaining. Moreover, the game�s objective is simple; find every hidden candy in each room.

The candy theme gives Find the Candy a beautiful multi-colored appearance. Players who are interested in this offering will be pleased to learn that, like all HTML games, Find the Candy also delivers a vibrant, graphics-rich, and immersive gaming experience.

There are 20 rooms in the game. Each of these rooms has one candy. Remember that the candy is hidden and the player�s objective is to find it. Fortunately, searching the room is easy. Move around the boxes, chests, books, toys, or any moveable thing while searching for the candy.

In addition to being entertaining, Find the Candy is equally rewarding. For this reason, players can collect various gifts while searching for hidden candy. While still on rewards, players can also collect stars in each of these rooms. Yes, the stars are hidden too. So, players have to move around various things in the rooms to find the 3 hidden stars.

The number of stars available to gamers in each room doesn�t increase after leveling up. Therefore, individuals enjoying the title should expect to come across only 3 stars in the 20 rooms. Gamers should also note that finding more stars improves the chances of unlocking the next level. Therefore, finding all the stars in the room should always be a top priority.

How to play:

Players can launch Find the Candy�s gameplay by clicking or tapping the �Start Game� button. Wait for the game to load, and a fast internet connection will result in a speedy game load time. Now gamers should click or tap the �Play Icon� to start the game. Next, plates should select the room they want to explore, and they can only access unlocked rooms.


Gaming enthusiasts will be happy to learn that they can enjoy Find the Candy on their mobile devices or computers. For this reason, players can indulge in this immersive offering, let�s say from their iPads, smartphones, tablets, or smartwatches when they don't feel like playing from a PC or laptop. Below are the game�s controls on mobile and computers. Mobile: Most smart mobile devices use touch input. Consequently, players can touch or tap on the game control buttons like the �Play,� �Sound,� �Mute/Unmute Music,� �Replay,� and �Back.� Computers (Mouse): Some computers have touch input but most use the mouse. Therefore, players using their laptops and PCs can navigate Find the Candy using the mouse to click the control button like the �Play,� �Sound,� �Mute/Unmute Music,� �Replay,� and �Back.�

Release Date:

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Play Find The Candy. Find the Candy is an entertaining, rewarding, and immersive game that delivers unforgettable kid and family entertainment. Explore the Wanted 5 Games-developed offering
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