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Bubble Shooter Free

Bubble Shooter

This is Bubble Shooter Free, as the name suggests a free bubble shooter game. It is from the Softgames game studios and released in May 2020. So this is a fairly new bubble shooter game. This free version features a nice crisp graphics pack. The bubbles are clear and shiny and have a modern look and feel. This version has 10 filled rows with bubbles that you have to pop. The bubbles have a ball guide, meaning you can see where you are shooting all the time, even with a bounce from the wall. When you shoot bubbes they fall in the buckets below, this will give you extra points according to which bucket they fall. The middle one is 250 points, the ones left and right to that give you 100 points and the outer ones give you 50 extra points. With the miss counter in the lower right, you can see when a new row of bubbles will form. Keep an eye on it to make sure the bubbles don't hit the lower line because you are game over at that point. When you make combinations you will see the meter around the bubble fill up, when this meter is full you are given a special bubble. This can be a multi-colored bubble that counts as every color, or other special bubbles.

Bubble Shooter Free is a fun online game that one can play for free. It's a type of game that can be said to be "easy to learn, difficult to master" due to its simplicity and depth. While grasping the mechanics is as easy as moving your cursor and clicking, figuring out how to get the best score possible can take quite a bit of strategy. On top of this, it does contain an element of randomness as well, so luck does play a factor to some degree. Let's take an in-depth look at Bubble Shooter Free, and see why it's such a great online game.


Bubble Shooter Free is a very simple game. At the top of the screen are various colored bubbles all stuck together and sitting still in place. At the bottom there is the the bubble launcher and a field that indicates what amount of points one will get if the bubbles land on it.


When one fires the bubble launcher, it will shoot out a bubble that is the same color bubble that's indicated on it. If one manages to shoot a bubble into two or more bubbles above of the same color, they will come bouncing down. Which section of the score field they land in will be how many points are awarded. The field has areas for 250 in the middle, 100 on either side of that, and 50 on the outer edges. The goal is to make as many bubbles drop to try and get as many points as possible. However, every so often the entire bubble cluster up top will get lower. Once it reaches the bottom it's game over. This means the player has to be very strategic in their shots, sometimes playing defensively to keep the bubbles at bay.

Bubble Meter

Another mechanic the player will want to keep track of is the meter on the bubble launcher. As they fire bubbles it will slowly fill up, and once it's full, they get to fire a bubble that counts as any color. This can allow the player to destroy large numbers of bubbles very easily, and comes in handy if the bubbles are getting close to the ground and the player doesn't have the right color to stop them.

Other Features

The game also displays the player's score, the color of the next bubble that will be loaded into the launcher. This can help the player to plan their shots, and get the most points, or keep the bubbles from getting too close to the bottom.


Bubble Launcher Free only has a few options being a very simple game. The player can pause the game with the pause button, but it isn't really necessary since the game does not progress unless someone is actually playing it. There is also an option to turn the sound off, but there aren't really that many sound effects to begin with, just the one's a person would expect such as the sound of the launcher, bursting bubbles, and bouncing bubbles. In the upper left hand corner, there will be a circle with the icon for other games in it. The icon changes periodically, and clicking it will take the player to whatever game is being displayed.


When playing Bubble Launcher Free ads will periodically play. This is why the game is free after all. An ad will also play when game over happens before the player can play again. It should be noted that using an ad block program can interfere with the ads, and cause the game to not work. This means that Bubble Launcher Free is best played without using an ad block program.


Overall Bubble Launcher Free is a great game to kill time with. It isn't as mindless as many other free games, and genuinely requires some thought to get the most points possible while avoiding a game over from the approaching bubbles. This makes it an excellent free game for anyone looking for something to test their wits.

How to play:

Make combinations of 3 ore more bubbles of the same color. The bubbles that you shoot will fall into the bucket on the bottom for extra points.


Mouse: Control the shooter by moving your mouse, click to shoot the bubble.
Mobile: Tap and hold to move the shooter, release to shoot the bubble.

Release Date:

June 2020

About the Creator:

Bubble Shooter Free is created by Softgames. Softgames is a large game studio from Germany, they operate from Berlin, Germany and Toronto, Canada. They have also created the following games: Bubble Shooter Pro, Bubble Shooter HD, Bubble Shooter Candy, Garden Tales, Bubble Shooter World Cup, Solitaire Story TriPeaks, Jewels Blitz 4, Bubble Shooter Arcade,

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Play Bubble Shooter Free, the free version of bubble shooter. Shoot all bubbles by making combinations of 3 or more in this new bubble shooter game.
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