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Atari Breakout

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Atari Breakout is an online version of the classic 1976 Atari BreakOut brick-breaker game. The player's goal is to clear screens of colorful bricks across levels using one or more balls and paddles.

The player starts by selecting a mode of play (1 Ball, 2 Balls, Cavity, Progressive or Random) at the bottom of the home screen. For example, with 1 Ball, they receive one ball and one paddle. With 2 Balls, they receive two balls that drop onto the screen at different rates and two overlapping paddles. With Cavity, they receive two paddles and extra balls inside caves made from bricks. With all modes, the player uses timing, hand-eye coordination, their knowledge of mathematics and physics, and the side walls to direct one or more balls at bricks with one or more paddles.

Atair Breakout provides the player with three balls per game. If the player allows all the balls to drop below the bottom of the screen, they lose the game and must start over.

How to play:

Select a mode of play. Review the options for that mode on the game screen. Slide the paddle or paddles into a position that hits one or more balls. Use the balls to break the multicolored bricks. If applicable, release extra balls from within a brick pattern. Keep a close eye on the return of each ball from the brick field and every bounce to gauge where to move the paddle or paddles.�


Mouse: Tap buttons and text. To start a game, click the screen. To slide one or more paddles across the screen in left and right directions, slide the mouse.
Mobile: Click buttons and text. To start a game, tap the screen. To slide one or more paddles, slide the tip of the finger or stylus.

Release Date:

About the Creator:

Atari Breakout is created by Atari. They have also created the following games:
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