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Angry heroes


Game players always love a challenge and the Angry Heroes game is fun, but also a visual skill builder.
It begins with a sling shot and red and blue angry heroes to be aimed at green aliens. Players aim the sling shot from one side of a cliff to the target on the other side of another cliff with a deep gorge between the two cliffs.

A Graphically Attracting Site

In addition to the challenge of removing aliens with a sharp aim, players have several levels to play through.

The site is graphically appealing and background colors are simple and realistic.
When gamers designed Angry Heroes, much thought went into producing a scenic game site that attracts players.
The object of the game is simple but arriving at the objective proves more difficult as the player becomes more proficient and skilled.
For example, the player uses the red angry hero in the sling shot, brings that hero back toward the blue hero and then tries to aim the red hero for the alien. A dotted arc helps the player aim the target precisely.
What becomes tricky is figuring out the target point that will crash the alien structures and the aliens. It takes intense focus to avoid the deep gorge.

Angry Heroes Level Challenges

Once a player manages to play through the first two levels, it takes greater skill and concentration to advance to the next levels.

About the Creator:

Angry heroes is created by Bubble Shooter. Bubble shooter is a small game studio that develops bubble shooter games. They have also created the following games: Bubble Shooter, Original bubble shooter, Jelly Blocks, Tetris Cube, Mahjong Deluxe, Bubble Shooter Pretty Island, Geometry Dash, Bubble Shooter 2,

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Play Angry heroes. Shoot all birds with your slingshot launcher and complete all levels in this angry birds styled game.
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