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3D Tangram


3D Tangram is a very simple puzzle game in which you move and rotate geometric shapes to complete a puzzle. The shapes come in different colors to help you differentiate them and can be placed on the board any way you want. When a puzzle piece is aligned where it is supposed to be, it will lock into place. This helps keep you from making mistakes and adds an element of trial and error to the game. The puzzle boards come in a variety of shapes such as houses, animals, and more.

At the bottom of the screen, you will find four icons:
Tile Icon - This shows how many puzzles you've completed.
i Icon - Let's you review the controls.
Speaker Icon - Let's you toggle the sound on and off.
Flag Icon - Click to toggle the language between English and Russian.

Keep in mind that just because a piece fits the way you put it on the board, it won't be accepted unless it is in the predetermined correct position. This makes trial and error essential for completing the puzzle. If you hear a sound when placing a piece and can no longer move it, that means the piece is in the correct position.

How to play:

Click the play button to begin the game. A square of shapes will appear that come apart to reveal the puzzle board and the shapes you have to work with. You can rotate the shapes and drag them onto the board as you see fit.


Mouse: Left-click on each piece of the puzzle to rotate it. Left-click and drag the piece to move it onto the board.
Mobile: Tap on a puzzle piece to rotate it. Tap and drag the piece to place it onto the board.

Release Date:

About the Creator:

3D Tangram is created by Yad.com. Yad.com creates hyper casual games that you can play online. They have also created the following games: Spiral Roll, Juicy Run, Roof Rails, Love Pins, Run Of Life 3D, Magic Tiles, Paper Fold 3D, Fat 2 Fit 3D,

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Play 3D Tangram. 3D Tangram is a very simple puzzle game in which you move and rotate geometric shapes to complete a puzzle.
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