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New Year Confetti Cake

The game New Year Confetti Cake is an interactive online game where you are helping a little girl and her Mom make a cake to celebrate the New Year. First, you have to help them gather up the ingredients. The Mom tells you what ingredients to use and then you get the ingredients and give them to the little girl to put in the basket. Then you help them mix the ingredients together to make the batter. If you click on the wrong thing it will not allow you to move on so you have to pay attention to what the Mom is saying for you to do next. Once you get the batter made you follow the steps to allow you to finish making the cake. Just make sure you are following the instructions carefully just as you would need to in real life. It is a very fun interactive game that teaches the importance of following directions and how you can learn to cook and the work that goes into making a cake. This would be a fun game for any age. Really a lot of fun for a boy or girl the preschool age range.
New Year Confetti Cake

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Jouez à New Year Confetti Cake, créez un gâteau aux confettis et suivez toutes les étapes pour cuisiner le meilleur gâteau que vous ayez jamais fait.