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Escape Out

Puzzle Drawing

Bubbleshooter.net�s latest game Escape Out gives you hours of fun. Your challenge is to help a convict dig himself out to reach a truck that helps him escape prison. You can download the game on your PC or mobile device and enjoy hours of playing the game and earning points. It is a fascinating game that you and your children will love. Escape Out is available on the portal of Bubleshooter games, www.bubbleshooter.net. You can play the game while visiting the website or download it to your PC or mobile device. The goal of the game is to help a convict dig till he reaches the truck that will help him reach a waiting truck that will help him escape prison. As you help him dig there are many treasure boxes and rewards that add to your score. The game has impressive graphics and sound effects that will delight children. The challenge is to help the convict dig and reach rewards on his way to the truck and add to your points. The game is fascinating and engrossing. Playing Escape Out is not only a challenge but an addiction. You will soon be glued to increasing your points by helping the convict dig to escape out and reach the waiting truck. Escape Out is not only fun but helps you learn strategy and problem-solving while helping the convict to escape prison.

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Play Escape Out, dig your way through all the levels and let the convicted dig himself out. watch out for obstacles like guards and rocks.
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