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Dr Panda Restaurant


Dr. Panda Restaurant is a fun, interactive online game. This restaurant game has all the aspects of a real restaurant. The player will welcome the customers, seat them, take their orders, make their food, feed them, then clean the tables and wash the dishes.

The customers arrive in a car, they pull up at the front of the restaurant, where Dr. Panda is waiting to greet them. The customers are all different types of animals. The player clicks on the animal, then the customer comes out of the car and stands on the porch. After the animals arrive, they can be seated.

Seating the customers is easy, there are four seats available above the front of the restaurant. The player clicks and pulls the screen down to see the seating area and clicks on a chair. The player then clicks on the customer, and the customer is seated.

Taking the customers' orders is fun. The customers have thoughts of what they want to eat in a bubble. Click on the customer to start making their food.

Making the customers' food is different for each customer. The player clicks to cut food up, or clicks a spoon and stirs. The player stirs until the game moves on. There are a lot of fun things to use, there is a toaster, a toaster oven, a blender, and a frying pan. The food recipes are realistic. When the food for the customer is done, the game puts the food in front of the customer.

Feed the customers, they do not eat the food on their own, the player picks up the food and puts it in the customers' mouth.

Clean up time begins when the customer is done eating. The player clicks on the dirty dishes and puts them on the rolling cart. Then click on the rolling cart and go to the dishwashing station. The player puts soap on the dishes until the water runs. Then the player moves the plate under the water. The player puts the clean plate on Dr. Panda's hand.

The player goes back with the back arrow and clicks on the recycle bins. The player puts the trash in the bin with a matching picture of the trash on it. The player clicks on the back arrow and is sent back to the restaurant.

How to play:

Create dishes and drinks to serve your guests in DR panda restaurant.


Mouse: Click the items to create the food and drinks.
Mobile: Tap the items to create them.

Release Date:

March 2021

About the Creator:

Dr Panda Restaurant is created by DR Panda Ltd. DR Panda Ltd is an English game studio that creates doctor panda games for all ages. They have also created the following games: Dr Panda Airport,

Girl Cooking
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Play Dr Panda Restaurant, create all dishes, and serve them to the customers in this cool restaurant game. You can play doctor panda restaurant for free on or our website.
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