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Dr Panda Airport

When a player logs on to Bubble Shooter.net to access the Dr. Panda Airport game, they will encounter a black screen with a greenish bluish play button in the middle of the screen. The play button has the letters of the word play written in white inside the greenish bluish box. Once the player presses the play button advertisement will appear. The player has the option to watch that advertisement or just skip it. Once the ad is over or has been skipped, the player will encounter a blue screen and the game will then begin to load. The player can see how fast the game is loading because there is a loading bar in the middle of the blue screen. Once the game has been loaded, the blue screen will have a white play button inside a yellow box that the player needs to push to access the Dr. Panda Airport game.
Once the play button is hit, the player will watch a short ad and after the ad, the introduction to Dr. Panda Airport is displayed—the home screen for Dr. Panda Airport is very colorful. Some planes look like panda bears: the two main characters are a monkey and a hippopotamus. The monkey seems to be dressed as an American outdoorsman and a hippopotamus appears to be dressed like a free and easy going rhasta with dreadlocks. The play button on the home screen is an airplane and once the aircraft is clicked, the game begins. 
Dr Panda Airport

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Play Dr Panda Airport. Search all clues in this point and click game on the aiport.