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Dr Panda Airport


Dr. Panda's Airport is a children's simulation game designed to teach players about the tasks people perform in various areas of an airport to process passengers and manage the location. All the passengers who frequent the airport are anthropomorphic animals visiting Panda City. The airplanes are shaped like pandas as well.

The player isn't given a menu or map to find the games hidden throughout the airport. They start by selecting different areas to see what might happen. For example, if they select the Lost and Found sign, they help passengers find lost items. They might also stamp country passports, scan carry-on bags and passengers, drive passengers to their departure gates, direct passengers to pieces of their luggage through a maze of rope barriers, and help passengers pick up checked bags.

When the player completes a task, the passengers cheer. Diamond shapes also fall through the air. The player is then directed to another area of the airport. After they complete several tasks, they can decorate a suitcase with travel stickers.

Dr. Panda's Airport is a cute way to show young children and others basic information about the running of airports.�

How to play:

Explore the airport. Select an area, passenger or group of passengers to find hidden minigames. Guess the task. Complete it. Continue exploring the airport and playing games.


Mouse: To make any type of selection, click the button or element. To direct a character to drive or walk, position the cursor above the character, press the left button, and then drag the mouse in the desired direction.
Mobile: To make a selection, tap the button or element. To direct a character to drive or walk, position the cursor above the character, press the touchscreen or track, and then drag the finger or stylus in the desired direction.

Release Date:

About the Creator:

Dr Panda Airport is created by DR Panda Ltd. DR Panda Ltd is an English game studio that creates doctor panda games for all ages. They have also created the following games:

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Play Dr Panda Airport. Search all clues in this point and click game on the aiport.
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