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Charge Now

In life, we can all remember just how annoying it is to have batteries that are constantly just about to die. However, if you are always keeping your batteries charged, you will not have to deal with this annoyance. This is just what the game Charge Now is about.

In this game, you will be put through different puzzles where you will have to charge your smart phones. I was entertained and challenged when I played this game. It wasn't too hard to be frustrating, yet it was just challenging enough to keep me going.

When you are looking for a quick break from your work, Charge Now is a fun and simple way to get refreshed before heading back to your busy day. I would highly recommend this game for anyone who is looking for a bit of quick and challenging fun throughout their busy day. If you love puzzle games, you are bound to love this game.
Charge Now

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Play Charge Now, the fun game where you have to charge your phone. Sounds easy, isn't it? The levels are getting harder every charge.