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Match games and drag-and-drop features have become a staple at Bubble Shooter network. These simple designs can bring many different stories to life, often creating themes of interest. The match 3 content available at Bubble Shooter network is a combination of symbols and tales, scaling many different levels of interest. Below is a descriptive piece describing the content within this portal section of play.

Pet Themes

One of the major themes noticed within this portal of play is the pet theme. This portal currently holds match 3 content displayed as Puppy Blast and Pets Rush. Puppy Blast introduces the players to combinations of many puppy breeds and types. Unlock exclusive content by continuing combination claims. The bonus content and levels are sure to fire up any puppy lover and the mystery and multiplier symbols continue to treat your dog fancy.

Pets Rush is a combination of household favorites, spanning from dogs to owls. This game operates with a zoo full of animal types, with special combinations and bonus intrigue. The playthrough for this game introduces many different multiplier symbols and adds combination factors to pace through levels with speed.

Food Themes

The fruit craze is not lost on this portal. Fruita Crush creates a similar development that mirrors some of the combinations as Candy Crush. Creating a similarity in symbol offerings, this game plays will 5 different fruit types, with additional introductions as the levels go on. Slice your way to the top with this match 3 favorites.

Garden Tales creates a similar design with new symbols. Cultivate your field and find some of the favorite crops that the ground holds beneath. The combinations in this game suit the many different levels of field selections, creating new combinations and introducing multiplier content at every turn.

Yummy Tales is a feature that adopts the food theme. This game is structured a little differently than the others, prescribing cascading bonuses and working in a different design. The design is compacted, offering greater line combinations near the middle and less near the top and bottom. This creates for a cascading adventure that introduces many of the favorite fruits as symbols of conquest.

Jewel Themes

The last theme combines the use of multiple symbols of riches. Claim the crown jewels to unlock new combinations and advanced level play. Each combination suits a different jewel type, adding to the riches claim and increasing your chances at level advance. The design matches that of the applied, extended board. This design fills the screen and keeps the combinations coming at tenfold speeds.

Additional releases are also carried within this portal to offer the user 11 different gaming options. Each option holds its own sense of intrigue. Whether you prefer symbols of foods, animals, jewels, or other, Bubble Shooter network applies many different genres to suit your needs. The game board creations also switch up the playing styles if you want to work with a classic favorite or explore the latest developments for this gaming space.

Here you will find all our match 3 games that we have on our website. We have the largest collection of games available. All our puzzle games are free to play on our website.

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We add new match 3 games to our collection weekly. Only the best and selected match 3 Games are selected.

Play the best match 3 games on bubbleshooter.net. In Match 3 games you have to match 3 or more objects with each other, you do this by rotating them or by simply clicking on them. Usually, you get a bonus if you play more than 3 objects at the same time. These objects are different in every game, in one game they are animals, in the other game they are pieces of fruit or vegetables.

Popular Games

Some popular games in this genre include: Puppy Blast in Puppy Blast you must help the puppy to clear all colored tiles to play away. This game has more than 100 levels and is updated monthly. Another topper is Zoo Boom in Zoo Boom you play away all colored zoo animals, these are nice animals like birds, owls and frogs. We are also very fond of the games Garden Tales this fun Saga with many levels will send you through a true adventure. help the gnome to empty all the gardens.