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Red Ball Games are side-scrolling platformers that feature the words "Red Ball" in the title and a hero or heroine called Red Ball. Players can find games from the original developer and derivative offshoots that honor the spirit of Red Ball.

A Bit of History

The first Red Ball game was created as an Adobe Flash Player game by Evgeniy "Eugene" Fedoseev in 2008. Known simply as Red Ball (later Red Ball 1), it consisted of 17 fun, obstacle-filled levels that featured elements from other arcade and platform games. A player's primary goal was to direct an anthropomorphic red ball to roll along a path and through or bounce over dangers and obstacles.

Before the game's release, the description "red ball" referred to any ball painted or decorated with red. The most common red balls appeared in billiards, pool and cricket as solid or striped balls. Young children and teenagers also often played with red, inflatable rubber utility balls used for kickball and dodgeball at playgrounds and gymnasiums.

Kickball and dodgeball created a love-hate relationship with red balls for many people because of the use of hard-surface or overly large red rubber balls. The shock of being hit by even an inflatable traditional red ball or experiencing bruising, a broken nose or worse became such a problem that many schools and athletic associations switched to softer foam and other materials.

Inflatable and sculptured red balls have also appeared in contemporary indoor and outdoor art installations in small and giant forms. Yet, it's the video game kicked off by Fedoseev in the latter aughts that many people now think of when they hear the term "red ball." It gave the phrase a positive slant by providing the world with a simple ball just trying to roll along and achieve goals. Later versions of the game expanded this premise by giving the red ball eyes, eyebrows and a smile while rolling along. Depending on the storyline, the ball laughs or looks shocked, surprised or unhappy in some games.

Game Play

Red Ball games have evolved quite a bit since Red Ball 1. They've become more complex and include increasingly difficult challenges and entire story arcs that feature other colors and types of balls and characters. Additionally, independent developers have made plenty of off-shoot games that use non-red-colored ball characters and mesh together several game genres not seen in the main games.

Typical official Red Ball gameplay usually requires a single player to direct the character Red Ball along a path along the ground. The player might need to bounce the ball to higher areas, roll it along floating land masses or platforms, or roll it faster so that it can leap across chasms. During the roll, they usually collect coins and stars for achievement purposes.

In most cases, the player must complete logic and physics puzzles to reach the next part of the game. They might need to roll Red Ball backward into a button that lowers a platform designed to transport it to a higher area or push a crate or boulder into a position that creates a bouncing platform. If the game features combat with enemies, they must bounce the ball on top of the enemy or push a heavy object toward the enemy to win. In boss levels of these games, the player must perform complex maneuvers with Red Ball.

Two-player and family-oriented Red Ball games also exist. Two players typically direct separate balls, known as Red Ball or Pink Ball and Blue Ball, respectively, to perform tasks that prove their love or help them solve a mystery or save the day.

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