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A player doesn't need a driver's license to learn how to park properly or have some fun with various driving and parking scenarios. Parking games test the player's hand-eye coordination and reasoning abilities and offer off-the-wall action.

Although Parking games are often referred to as car parking games, this category of games includes a wide variety of motorized vehicles, including compact cars, sedans, trucks, buses, SUVs, scooters, motorbikes and rickshaws or tuk tuks. The games represent a sub-category of both the Driving and Racing categories of games that typically emphasize skill more than speed.

Historically speaking, Parking games are an extension of driver-training classes and tests in the real world. Essentially, a driver, no matter the type of vehicle, must learn how to park without damaging other vehicles or public or private property. Many of these games in realistic and unrealistic formats require a player to prove the same set of skills with slightly different physical and mental efforts.

Of course, some Parking games do feature racing and timed elements. They share common historical elements with Racing category games. All competitive racing games in offline and online scenarios recreate the thrill of the chase and supply a format that allows racers to prove their skills to themselves and others while under stress, navigating high speeds, facing other competitors, or showing off a mastery of specific advanced maneuvers.

Game Play

In Parking games, the player receives at least one vehicle. Many games offer additional vehicles that the player can pick up for free or unlock with money or achievements over time in a street, garage or other vehicle line-up setting. Instead of upgrading parts, the player typically upgrades their vehicle to a different make and model, paint job or decorative design.

Parking games usually feature any type of daytime or nighttime environment, weather or road conditions. That said, many games are set during the day in cities and towns and display common parking elements, such as parking lots, street parking spaces, multi-tier garages and driver-training courses. Some games offer obstacle courses on streets and courtyards designed with common road objects, such as yellow-and-black or plain concrete emergency barriers, white-and-orange striped traffic cones, red-and-white crossing arms, speed bumps, curb stops and parking blocks, road hazards, abandoned or damaged vehicles, large commercial trucks or landscaping and hardscaping elements.

In a standard Parking game, the player must navigate a closed obstacle course or congested parking lot with or without tight turns to reach or locate and reach a parking space. The game might prompt them to park a certain way, such as front-in, reverse or parallel. A subset of these games have racing elements and require the player to slide or drift into a parking space while their vehicle travels down a busy street at an extremely high speed. A game might combine driving and parking elements as well. The player might exit one parking area, navigate street traffic, enter a new area, navigate obstacles, and then park their vehicle.

Parking without crashing or even tapping another object is the most common requirement of Parking games. If a player briefly touches an object, the object usually flashes or disappears, and they must start over. Some games permit a limited number of touches or crashes. The majority don't allow any contact. Other common requirements include driving near police without attracting attention and parking perfectly inside a square border. A game might also present a coin-collection challenge in which the player must drive their vehicle through patterns made of floating drive coins without touching other vehicles or objects.

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What are the most popular Parking Games?

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    4. Parking Fury 3
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Which Parking Games can be played for free?

    1. Parking Training
    2. Car Parking 3D
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