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Play the best Nail games for free. We have collected the most popular Nail games for you to play on our website. They include new and top Nail games such as Nail Art Salon, Nail Salon 3D, Girls Nail Salon, Nail Art, Magic Nail Salon, . Choose a Nail game from the list and you can play online on your mobile or computer for free.

Nail games are an extension of dress-up and makeover games. Historically, they were considered only for girls, but many children, teens and adults of all genders and ages have played "dress up" at one time or another. As a child, they might have tried on their mother's makeup or dresses or their father's shoes or suits. In adulthood, they might love store dressing rooms and makeup counters or take advantage of "try at home" online marketplace deals.

These types of games give players opportunities to try out fashions and styles they can't afford or might never have known about otherwise. Additionally, many players use these games for real-world inspiration. For example, they might not want to damage their nails by trying out too many new nail polish colors, color combinations or nail art stickers over a short period of time. They might not have the money to buy all the tools they need to educate themselves about a career as a nail artist, nail salon technician or nail doctor. � �

Game Play

The most common elements of Nail games are their settings, nail-care tools, and nail presentation. Obviously, exceptions exist, but most of these games occur in a virtual home, salon, spa or doctor's office and provide the tools typically used in those settings. They present five or ten nails at a time on a table, other flat surface, or hand rest pillow. Some games stick with only one nail throughout the entire experience.

A player must usually clean the nails, nail beds and hands or feet first and then perform restorative overall nail, skin and other work. They might need to clean away dirt, remove skin age spots and wrinkles, and apply moisturizers and firming creams in addition to cleaning, cutting, repairing, sanding, and buffing nails. During this process, they learn about real-world professional tools. In the most basic games, they use tools commonly found in retail beauty aisles.

Once they've created a healthy foundation, they apply one or more coats of nail polish, rhinestones or stickers to the nail or nails. They can try out a wide range of colors and design options. They can usually also download their final results to share with others or use as a reference the next time they decide to redo their own nails or show off their related talents.

Learn how to use fingernails as a fashion statement or prepare for a nail art or nail-care career with our Nail games!


What are the most popular Nail Games?

    1. Nail Art Salon
    2. Nail Salon 3D
    3. Girls Nail Salon
    4. Nail Art
    5. Magic Nail Salon

Which Nail Games can be played for free?

    1. Nail Doctor
    2. Fashion Nail Art
    3. Nail Salon Maries Girl Games