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Play the best Mini Golf games for free. We have collected the most popular Mini Golf games for you to play on our website. They include new and top Mini Golf games such as Minigolf Tour, Putt Rush, Golf, Golfparty IO, Nick Ultimate Golf Universe, . Choose a Mini Golf game from the list and you can play online on your mobile or computer for free.

Here you will find our collection of the best mini golf games that you can play for free online.

People who love miniature golf don't have to wait for the weather or their busy schedules to clear up enough to play. Online mini golf games can fill the gap and provide hours of fun any time of the day or night!

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Mini golf, also known as adventure golf, crazy or goofy golf, extreme golf, mini-putt, putt-putt, putter golf and shorties, became popular at the beginning of the 20th century after it spread as a pastime for women in Scotland to Great Britain, the United States, Europe and other areas of the world where people from all walks of life enjoyed it. The game represented a shorter version of golf that consisted of an artificial green and usually 9-to-18 holes across a variety of locations on a course that took approximately an hour to complete.

Today, millions of people worldwide enjoy this unique sport. Beyond amateur play, which grew in popularity as a family and date activity, a World Mini-Golf Sport Federation league exists with more than 60 related sports associations that host or participate in over 1,500 international tournaments across approximately 1,000 official-competition, championship courses.

Mini Golf video games are a natural extension of this sport with Atari's 1978 Miniature Golf credited as the first one. Over the years, these and online games have recreated the excitement and exhilaration experienced during real-world putt-putt golf! Mini Golf games give players a chance to enjoy the competitive, strategic aspects of gameplay found at miniature golf center or other entertainment locations without leaving their homes. With VR gear, they can even enjoy certain physical benefits of the game.

Game Play

In online Mini Golf games, a player must successfully hit a ball from a tee with a putter club into holes or cups placed throughout the course. Some games offer the player an opportunity to compete in tournaments and win prizes. Each game level is either a section of a course or an entirely new course. Although the length of the shot is extremely short, many games offer the player a shot-alignment-and-targeting tool that helps them line up a shot perfectly so that they have no difficulty making a hole in one.

Mini Golf games often feature unique landscapes and themes. A course might look like a traditional miniature golf course, real-world professional golf course or a non-golf-related setting. They commonly feature grass, artificial turf, carpet or concrete surfaces with oddly-shaped, varying slopes and obstacles to serve as challenges to the player. Obstacles include stationary mazes, pyramids, ramps, sculptures, slides, tubes, tunnels and walls and non-stationary windmills and waterways that can bounce a ball back at the player unless bypassed with the use of carefully planned and executed shots.

On any section of a course, the player might need to roll the ball through objects like coins or gems in ways similar to a platformer to earn achievement awards to open up treasure chests, upgrade their club and unlock new courses. They might also receive a penalty or loss of money or points if they hit the ball out of bounds. These games often combine mini golf with other games, such as solitaire, match-3-puzzle, exploration and mission games, to make play more interesting and fun. A player might need to complete a mini game to gain access to the next hole or advance to the next level.

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Our carefully selected collection includes a variety of popular options, including Golf, Golf Gardens, Mini Golf Club, Minigolf Tour, Nick Ultimate Golf Universe and Putt Rush!

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What are the most popular Mini Golf Games?

    1. Minigolf Tour
    2. Putt Rush
    3. Golf
    4. Golfparty IO
    5. Nick Ultimate Golf Universe

Which Mini Golf Games can be played for free?

    1. Golf Gardens
    2. Mini Golf Buddies
    3. Mini Golf Saga
    4. Soccer Dash
    5. Mini Golf Club