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Play the best Hill Racer games for free. We have collected the most popular Hill Racer games for you to play on our website. They include new and top Hill Racer games such as Hill Climber, Up Hill Racing, Hill Climb Driving, Up Hill Racing 2, Off Road Auto Trial, . Choose a Hill Racer game from the list and you can play online on your mobile or computer for free.

Whether they're called hill-racing, hill-climbing or hill-driving games, every title in our Hill Racer collection challenges automobile lovers and casual players alike to pull out every skill and trick to navigate really steep hills!

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Hill Racer games are a subcategory of Racing games that primarily deal with the challenges of driving various types of motorized land- or water-based vehicles up, over and down hilly terrain.

A Bit of History

All Racing games are skill games that allow a driver or player to prove and perfect their abilities, talents and skills. The player attempts to show that they have what it takes to achieve one or more goals or outperform others pursuing the same ones.

Hill Racer games offer realistic and arcade-style driving on difficult terrain that features bumpy, hilly and sloping surfaces. The terrain in these games varies widely. A game might feature winding asphalt city streets, concrete ramps, metal or wooden bridges, irregular bumps on flat highways and inclined roads carved into the sides of mountains and jagged, rocky cliffs.

Players choose these games to prove their ability to reach the end of a level, goal, distance or timed play or to learn real-world driving skills. High-quality, three-dimensional games can teach a player a lot of real-life driving skills, including how to drive on rural roads and during bad weather. The more casual games provide fun, exhilarating or relaxing ways to spend free time.

Game Play

Hill Racer games supply three-dimensional multi-perspective or side-view platformer play in fantasy, semi-realistic or realistic daytime or nighttime environments. As with all other Racing games, they commonly feature a series of complex racing and other challenges that grow increasingly more difficult after each success. Although some hill-racing games offer multiplayer competitions and tournaments, most games stick to singleplayer challenges.

Any environment might appear in a Hill Racer game. A city setting might include an incredibly realistic, twisting hill road like San Francisco's Lombard Street or a highly unrealistic and extremely high, long or loop-de-loop off-ramp. A realistic natural setting might include an aging backroad up a rural hill with valley drops and rivers or waterfalls or an off-road setting where the player must drive on dirt roads and hills through underbrush and weeds. Casual games typically offer low-resolution or minimally designed settings based on generic cities and natural environments.

Most Hill Racer games offer a vehicle-swapping option with or without an avatar driver, a garage and parts upgrades. The player might buy a new vehicle with money they collect on the road or earn for reaching an achievement. They might simply unlock new vehicles after reaching a particular point in the game. Some games offer realistic damage and fuel requirements, while others keep the vehicle intact throughout play and supply unlimited fuel. No matter the options, these games supply a first-person driver's or front-of-vehicle perspective or a third-person, behind, side or top camera perspective. Casual platformers use a sliding side view. The player might realistically use all of a vehicle's controls or only receive access to the gas and brakes.

Lastly, all racing modes are possible with Hill Racer games. With campaigns and missions that feature non-racing, goal-oriented tasks, a player might need to reach the top of an incline before time runs out, navigate deadly obstacles, or pick up and drop off passengers without driving off the side of a cliff or hitting anything dangerous. In racing mode, they might need to drive on streets or leap gaps between ramps before they ever reach a hill. In distance and endless modes, they might need to perform tasks, deal with obstacles, or control their vehicle well enough to not explosively crash or flip it. A player can also sometimes come across a game with a building mode. The player constructs a vehicle from scratch and then tests if it can transport items on hilly terrain.

Conquer hills and mountains in our Hill Racer games!

We've chosen carefully the best casual and realistic Hill Racer games available. Our selection includes Hill Climb Driving, Hill Climber and Up Hill Racing. We update our games regularly. Check out our growing free Hill Racer collection!


What are the most popular Hill Racer Games?

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    4. Up Hill Racing 2
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