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Hidden object games, also known as hidden-picture and hidden-object, puzzle-adventure games, offer players the opportunity to explore worlds and learn about people, places and things by searching for hidden objects in various rooms and scenes.

These online games are similar to books in which a reader is shown a picture of a room, detailed painting or pile of objects and must find one or more objects hidden within the image by searching around and behind items. In online versions of this idea, players often also enjoy simple-to-complex stories and interesting characters or other extras. In story versions, players might find themselves exploring worlds that feature action and adventure, crime/detective, historical, hobby/interest, mysterious or romantic elements.

Game play for hidden object games isn't difficult. A player might search for objects hidden in plain sight in a room or scene that contains a lot of objects; move around, open or destroy some objects to find hidden ones; solve in-game puzzles or match multiple items in a pile to reveal hidden objects beneath them; or locate the shadow of a particular object in a room scene or a picture that features only the shadows or silhouettes of objects.

Players must usually follow an in-game story played out by non-player characters, complete room-by-room or scene-by-scene levels or compete against real or computer opponents to unlock new areas of game play. Most games offer in-story or in-scene clues, directed or text hints or a magnifying tool to help make finding an object or objects easier and faster. These assistance features can show up during any type of play.

Hidden object games often mash up static backgrounds with clickable and movable objects and mid-scene or mid-level animations to tell a story or mix in elements from other popular games. For example, a player might collect achievement objects to move through levels faster or display in a custom room, building or landscape. Depending on the theme of the game, they might build or construct one or more buildings or renovate a property; purchase with in-game coins or real money additional objects to customize a room, building or property; work toward solving a mystery on their own or with a team; or complete real-time competitions between individuals and teams.

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