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Play the best Drifting games for free. We have collected the most popular Drifting games for you to play on our website. They include new and top Drifting games such as Drift Car Extreme Simulator, Drift Cars, Drift Boss, Real Drift Pro, Burnout Drift, . Choose a Drifting game from the list and you can play online on your mobile or computer for free.

Our Drifting games offer countless hours of worry-free fun with practicing and performing the driving technique known as drifting and other motor vehicle stunts.

The art of drifting while in a car or other vehicle has a dedicated fanbase. Yet, many gamers are unaware of this extreme sport or the games created to simulate it.

A Bit of History

Drifting is when a driver purposely oversteers a motor vehicle in a way that typically happens by accident on curves and slick, wet or icy roads. As the vehicle's wheels lose traction, the back end starts to swing or spin, and the vehicle slides. The goal of the drift driver or drifter is to maintain control and prevent the vehicle from crashing while creating the illusion that they've already lost control and knowing they could lose it at any moment. In the real world, people enjoy drifting on private and public asphalt race tracks, streets, parking lots, multi-level garages, highways and off-ramps, oceanside docks, dirt and gravel roads, sandy beaches and other terrains.

Why do some people love this subcategory of racing? Racers compete to test and show off their skills, establish their abilities and prove their worth to their community and peers. Achievements in skill-based and stunt racing prove that a person has the highest level of ability and dedication to specific techniques. All forms of racing, especially drifting, create a natural high from a sudden surge of adrenaline, dopamine, endorphins and other chemicals as well. It's a high-risk venture that places a driver on the edge of a horrific, out-of-control crash.

Drifting games give players safe ways to enjoy the sport and practice and hone their skills. They can also chase the thrills without any of the threats. Gamers and drivers can pursue this passion and the rush that comes with it without worrying about dangers and expenses related to crashes or illegal races, such as repeated repairs, serious injuries, high fines, license suspension or jail time.

Game Play

In terms of graphics and content, Drifting games are similar to all other vehicle-based racing games. They recreate realistic or fantasy environments that feature interesting challenges and complex scenarios. The player might compete against a clock, bot drivers or other global players in professional, public or private settings at any time during the day or night.

Racetracks and streets are the most well-known drifting environments. A player can burn rubber on asphalt, skid into fences and perform stunts with or without crash damage or hard resets. Urban locations commonly feature simulations or near-real cityscapes with popular street-racing spots, ground-level and raised off-ramps and parking garages. Natural environments hold allure because they offer many opportunities to navigate sudden curves and inclines on new or damaged asphalt and skid in or grind through dirt, gravel or sand in remote highway, coastal and mountainous areas.

Most Drifting games offer a garage where the player can perform upgrades with money earned by winning races or stunt trials or collecting floating coins. The game modes usually include a campaign mode that mimics real-world competitions, a missions or skills mode with goal-oriented play, a no-stress free-ride or free-roam mode and a practice or minigame area with ramps and alternative games. Casual arcade-style games often direct a player to drift through a race course, perform a specific number of stunts along the way and pick up items on the track.

The point of view in these games varies between a first-person driver's perspective that allows the player to see the interior dashboard and the racing or stunt area through the vehicle's windshield and a third-person back-of-vehicle or top-down view that recreates a camera perspective. In some games, the player must use an avatar in either view to walk up to a vehicle before a race or stunt.

Make driving through curves and sliding on any terrain look effortless with one of our Drifting games!

Our carefully selected Drifting games offer engagement and experiences players will never forget. We've chosen three-dimensional games with realistic graphics and physics-based mechanics and casual games that throw reality out the door. Our growing collection includes Real Drift Pro, Drift Car Extreme Simulator, Drift Cars, Burnout Drift, Drift Dudes and Pocket Drift.


What are the most popular Drifting Games?

    1. Drift Car Extreme Simulator
    2. Drift Cars
    3. Drift Boss
    4. Real Drift Pro
    5. Burnout Drift

Which Drifting Games can be played for free?

    1. Real Drift Multiplayer
    2. Sky Car Drift
    3. Drift Dudes
    4. Pocket Drift
    5. Drift Cup Racing