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In Dress-Up games, a subcategory of Makeover games, players usually help characters prepare for events, such as a night out on the town, a photo shoot or a vacation, with fresh hairstyles, makeup and clothing. Some games offer generic models and first-person play to teach real-world makeover skills and provide personal and professional inspiration.

A Bit of History

Dress-Up games are "paper doll" games. Paper dolls started as an early form of print-on-paper storytelling. They share elements with drawings on cave walls, books, comics, graphic novels, television, film and video games. Versions with and without movable arms and legs were given to young girls in place of in addition to regular dolls after printing options became cheaper in the 19th century.

Businesses used paper dolls as storybook supplements. They also used the medium to expose girls and women to specific fashions and looks for mass-marketing purposes. Fashion designers and artists still use them today sometimes in place of human models.

These dolls, as with porcelain, wooden and plastic dolls and costume roleplay, allow people to interact with characters and styles that enhance their imagination. They can also try products they might like to add to their beauty kits and wardrobes without using a make-up counter or store dressing room.

Game Play

Modern Dress-Up games often feature the latest styles. Some games offer options from specific time periods. Each game typically displays at least a half dozen dress-up options per category. Most games require advertisement viewing to unlock some categories and items.

The character models usually don't move in three-dimensional ways. They're static, flat images against different backgrounds. That said, some games have minigames with action, such as photoshoots with physical model movements for poses.

Many games allow players to take downloadable photographs. They can print out real paper dolls, share the images with others or use the photos as references in art, fashion or makeover inspiration books for future partial or total makeovers of their looks and closets.

Classic paper dolls helped prepare young girls for life. A subset of these games supplies a semi-realistic impression of what it's like to interact with and dress up babies and toddlers or prepare for high school and college.

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