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Play the best Basketball games for free. We have collected the most popular Basketball games for you to play on our website. They include new and top Basketball games such as Basketball FRVR, Basket Random, Basketball Legends 2020, Blumgi Ball, Tom And Jerry Backyard Hoops, . Choose a Basketball game from the list and you can play online on your mobile or computer for free.

A player doesn't need a jersey, ball or court to play basketball. They only need to check out our fun, diverse catalog of Basketball games!

Believe it or not, modern basketball began with a wooden basket used to collect peaches nailed to a gym balcony railing, a leather ball similar to a modern soccer ball, and a dream by a Massachusetts' physical education instructor, Dr. James Naismith, to provide young athletes with a solid way to continue to pursue physical fitness during the winter months. In 1891, Naismith invented the game with basic rules. It also required repeated retrieval of the ball before Naismith realized the game would be simpler if balls could pass through the top and out the bottom of the basket.

Interestingly, ball and court games started long before Naismith's time. Almost every culture in the ancient world had some type of ball game that included teams and a playfield similar to the modern court. These games were usually related to religious ceremonies and social rituals that helped maintain societal order. As with other early sports, the games also helped reveal individual and group skills. Players were able to prove to members of their cultures that they were strong and capable, even when they weren't able to do so through hunting or warfare.

Online basketball games bring modern professional and street court play, which continues these traditions, into homes, schools and other areas. Whether a person is a gamer or merely loves the sport, they can explore a wide range of options, including replay of the skills of their favorite basketball legends, team bracket matches, methods for honing basketball and gaming skills, and even a mashup of basketball with other popular game elements.


Basketball games typically direct a player or players to either compete against a computer, friend or global player with a single avatar or team or prove their basketball or gaming skills. For example, they might need to perform difficult shots or dunks from various angles or deal with obstacles.

Common features in Basketball games include a court, such as an indoor gymnasium, a professional court or an outdoor street court. These games also feature realistic equipment with at least a backboard, a hoop, and a net or chains. They might also feature the equipment on a stationary or portable system that looks like an arm. When the latter isn't visible, the equipment can still move around. As a result, the player must often anticipate the location of the equipment as it moves around the court or playfield. They must usually also deal with the ball randomly appearing from different positions.

Mashup Basketball games typically feature a mix of basketball equipment and rules with elements from other games. Pinball flippers, for example, appear in some games as avatar character replacements. The player uses them to hit and dunk balls. A game might also use a character with a basketball or an anthropomorphic basketball to perform feats in a platformer setting similar to Vex and Red Ball games that feature obstacle courses and side-scrolling platform settings.

Enjoy on- and off-court play with our Basketball Games!

Our collection of Basketball Games includes some of the best classic and new titles available for desktops, laptops and mobile devices. It includes Basket and Ball, Basket Champs, Basket Random, Basketball FRVR, Basket Swooshes, Basketball Legends 2020, Basketball King, Basketball Kings 2022, Basketball Serial Shooter, Basketball Stars, Basketbros, Blumgi Ball, Bouncy Dunks, Dunk Shot, Flipper Dunk, Flipper Dunk 3D, Hoops Champs, Jump Dunk, Nick Basketball Stars, Street Ball Jamp, Tap Tap Dunk, Tap Tap Shots, Tom and Jerry Backyard Hoops and Ultimate Swish.

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What are the most popular Basketball Games?

    1. Basketball FRVR
    2. Basket Random
    3. Basketball Legends 2020
    4. Blumgi Ball
    5. Tom And Jerry Backyard Hoops

Which Basketball Games can be played for free?

    1. Basketbros
    2. Dunk Shot
    3. Tap Tap Shots
    4. Basketball Fever
    5. Basketball Stars