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Birds VS Blocks


Blocks vs. Birds has a simple concept for a game, but it's difficult to master, just like all the great games are. You can spend many hours playing this game to get it right. In order to start the game, you simply hit the play button that flashes on the screen. When you lose, it brings you to a game screen that keeps upping the �Best of� number each time. So if you lose 2, it says �Best of 5� to keep giving you a chance to win.


In this PC game, you click on the screen with your mouse, and then you hold down and drag back and forth to move the birds. You have one main bird, and then you have a few bird followers. As the game progresses, you will see blocks ahead of you. Your bird and followers are always moving forward, and you have to try and move the bird to hit the block ahead of you that has the lowest number on it.

Blocks have numbers between 1 and higher on them, and each time you hit a block, you lose that many bird followers behind you. If the block number is higher than the number of birds you have total, you lose. Otherwise, you just lose that many birds.
Then, you have little eggs in your path that also have little numbers on them. When you hit an egg, you gain that many bird followers.
The aim of the game is to make sure that you always have enough bird followers so that when you go through a block, you lose less than the total number you have. It's actually possible to pick up more than one egg at a time if you sweep your mouse fast enough. So, that way, if you have a 2 egg and a 4 egg, you can get both eggs and end up with 6 more birds.
Beware, however, because it's also possible to accidentally hit more than one block. So if you accidentally hit two �3� blocks, you could lose 6 total birds. It's important to point the mouse right towards where you want to go.
This is definitely a game of precision and of thinking ahead. You have to be able to sweep your mouse in the right way to pick up all of the eggs you need without then hitting the wrong blocks ahead of the eggs that make you lose way too many birds. You have to always be ready to move one way and then to move quickly the other way immediately in order to find the lowest number block to pass through next.
You can toggle the music on and off if you want as well, by hitting the button with the bell in the top left corner. If there's a sound icon in front of it, then it's still on. Otherwise, it's off. The music has a thematic chirping theme to it, but some people may tire of it after a while.

How to play:

Create a long snake by collection the high numbers. The numbers on the blocks you touch will be removed from your total.


Drag the bird to move it.

Release Date:

October 2021

About the Creator:

Birds VS Blocks is created by Freak X Apps. Freak X Apps is a small game studio that creates big games. They have also created the following games: Aqua Blocks, Pixel Cat Mahjong, Popit vs Spinner, Cards Connect, Crazy Balls, Jungle Bricks,

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Play Birds VS Blocks, move your snake over the blocks. Avoid blocks with large numbers and get the multiplier to grow your snake.
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